practicePRO’s New Lawyer Resource Page

There is a lot to think about beyond substantive law when you are starting a law practice. With that in mind, under the practicePRO banner LAWPRO has created the New Lawyer Resource page containing what we feel are the best resources we have to offer to new and soon-to-be-lawyers.

The page has two aims: 1) to help newly minted lawyers understand more about things like managing a practice, client relations, practice finances, marketing, and legal technology; and 2) its an introduction to the risk and practice management articles, precedents, checklists and other materials practicePRO offers to lawyers.

From a claims prevention perspective, we expect the information we have posted will help reduce the likelihood of claims over the course of a legal career and it is great to get the risk-management message out to lawyers that are just starting out in practice.

Our New Lawyer Resource page has been featured in ads in law school yearbooks, and can also now be reached through a QR code on the LAWPRO Magazine stands that have been placed in each if the Ontario law schools.

The CBA also has a page of resources for students and new lawyers called Starting Out, featuring articles on better public speaking, going solo, networking and keeping a firm afloat in tough economic times.

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