Updated TOROG Memos

For some years now Slaw has acted as a repository for the memos and precedent opinions of the Toronto Opinions Group (TOROG), an informal group of lawyers primarily practising with the Toronto offices of the larger Canadian law firms, with an interest in third party (or transaction) opinion practice.

Recently TOROG has updated two of the memos and has added a new one, providing a good opportunity for Slaw to remind readers of the existence of these very helpful documents.

Updated are the memos on “Third Party Opinions On Foreign Law Documents” and “Limited Partnership Opinion Paragraphs“. The new memo is a “Summary of Discussion at the December 12, 2012 Meeting of TOROG on ISDA (International Swaps and Derivatives Association) Opinion Practice“.

All of the seven TOROG documents, along with some more explanation about third party opinion practice, can be found on Slaw at slaw.ca/torogmemos. Note, too, that TOROG is now an item on the More menu on Slaw’s header.

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