Ralph Scane Q.C.

Some readers of Slaw will be saddened to hear that Ralph Scane has died. His death notice is in today’s Globe & Mail.

I was a colleague of Ralph for some 20 years at U of T and I remember his kindness, integrity and wide and eclectic legal knowledge. He came to the Faculty from practice and brought with him a refreshing, real-world point of view. At the same time, he was a meticulous scholar and teacher. He was, I think, the first Associate Dean we had and clearly demonstrated his strong administrative abilities; he did much to make the Faculty the happy place it was when I was there. He was the person who asked me to teach Contracts in 1972!

When Ralph first came to the Faculty, we had offices across a hall in the upper reaches of Flavelle House and we would carry on conversations without leaving our chairs.

I have many fond memories of Ralph and of his wife, Joyce, who predeceased him by several years.


  1. I knew Ralph only as a student and ex-student; I thought he was very good. His practice experience added to his ability, but he had a gift as a teacher. I remember him welcoming my first year class, not long after the disputatious 60s, saying that as law students, we had chosen to work within the system. I guess we had, which did not mean accepting it as it was: means, not ends. So far as I know, no one occupied his office (except him). Sorry to hear of his passing.

  2. John Harvard (nee Bice) Law 1972

    Ralph will be loved and remembered forever.


  3. John Harvard (nee Bice) Law 1972

    He made a school a happier place.
    Now there’s just no higher compliment than that!