Supreme Advocacy Joins Slaw for Summaries Sunday

SupremeAdvocacy ColourWe’re proud indeed to announce that a third great provider of legal content, Eugene Meehan’s firm, Supreme Advocacy, has agreed to provide us with summaries for our Summaries Sunday feature. As Slaw readers will doubtless know, Eugene Meehan Q.C. has been publishing the weekly SupremeAdvocacyLett@r for a good many years, keeping lawyers up to date on developments at the Supreme Court of Canada. He has agreed to provide us with a summary of his newsletter’s content once a month — on the second Sunday of the month — and as well four times a year he will craft for Slaw a quarterly summary that draws together in condensed form the work of the Supreme Court over the prior three months.

The first of his Slaw summaries will appear this coming Sunday. This is a special initial summary, taking us from January 1 to the present.

We welcome Supreme Advocacy to Slaw, where they join Maritime Law Book and OnPoint Legal Research, two fine organizations already providing Slaw with Sunday summaries.


  1. That is tremendous news. Mr. Meehan has long created “must read” Supreme Court summaries and news.

    Welcome to Slaw, Eugene Meehan and Supreme Advocacy!

  2. perhaps Eugene M will explain to us how he discovered the 30-hour day … no doubt his Slaw pieces will involve some recycling, but this is a seriously productive man. I agree with Connie that his weekly SCC reports are very useful, with fun and sometimes provocative extras to keep our attention to the end (or to make us skip to the end if the week’s cases are not of interest.)

    Welcome, Eugene!

  3. Eugene’s contributions will be invaluable. He knows what he’s talking about; he’s interesting, and most importantly, he has a sense of humor.

  4. The real question is whether his Slaw headshot will be large enough to display his famous kilt.

  5. Thanks for the warm welcome! Looking forward to being an active part of the great Slaw legal community that I’ve enjoyed as a reader for years.