Monday’s Mix

Each Monday we present brief excerpts of recent posts from five of Canada’s award-winning legal blogs chosen at random* from forty-one recent Clawbie winners. In this way we hope to promote their work, with their permission, to as wide an audience as possible.

This week the randomly selected blogs are 1. First Reference  2. Library Technician Dialog  3. Kelly Santini LLP’s Employment Law Blog for the Suddenly Unemployed  4. Le Blogue du CRL  5. Michael Geist’s Blog

First Reference
Theft is no reason to violate an employee’s rights
Imagine you were working as a clerk in a grocery store, and your manager suspected you of stealing some product off the shelf. She has no concrete evidence, only hearsay from a co-worker. An investigation turns up nothing, and you continue working as though nothing had happened. But the manager notified your employer, and your employer added your name to a database of suspected employee thieves . . .

Library Technician Dialog
Computers in Libraries 2013
Computers in Libraries (CIL2013) is one of those conferences that I’ve always wanted to go to, but will probably never get to. View the archives of posts here. I especially liked Metrics, Value and Funding with Rebecca Jones (from Dysart Jones) and Moe Hosseini-Ara (Markham Public Library). . . .

Kelly Santini LLP’s Employment Law Blog for the Suddenly Unemployed
Judge Says Winner Has to Pay Losing Side’s Legal Costs
When is a win not a win? When the winner has to pay the losing side’s legal expenses. In a recent decision from the Ontario Superior Court in Ottawa, Goulding v. Street Motor Sales, 2013 ONSC 1904 (CanLII), the Honourable Justice Robert N. Beaudoin held that notwithstanding the plaintiff’s success in his wrongful dismissal case, because he brought the case in the wrong court, he would have to pay the losing side’s costs. Ouch. . . .

Le Blogue du CRL
Jurisprudence sur les bénévoles
On oublie trop souvent l’importance capitale des bénévoles dans notre vie quotidienne. Pourtant sans eux, il n’y a pas de groupes d’entraide pour les jeunes mères, pas de troupes de scouts, pas de syndicats de copropriété et pas de ligue de hockey amateur. En fait, vous ne seriez même pas en train de lire ce texte, puisqu’il n’y aurait personne pour gérer ce blogue ou y publier des billets. Cela dit, voici donc trois décisions qui traitent de bénévoles, le tout vous étant fourni à titre gratuit. . . .

Michael Geist’s Blog
The Canadian Digital Divide: The Experience Just North of Toronto
Soon after the publication of my column on the digital divide in Canada, I received the following email from a reader, who lives just north of Toronto (FWIW, I’ve received similar letters from people within the City of Ottawa limits). The reader reacts to both the lack of access and the efforts of Xplornet to stop the government from supporting communities without access. The letter ends with an important question: will the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology take the time to hear directly from Canadians without access? The full letter is posted below with permission. . . .

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