Adjustments to Slaw’s Design – Check Out the New Plus Sign

Since our new design was implemented in December of last year, I’ve received lots of compliments — and a few expressions of particular concern from columnists. Their difficulty is that it was hard to see a list of all of the recent columns (as opposed to the daily blog posts) when the left sidebar was removed to increase the size of the main content area.

I’ve taken these concerns to heart and have come up with what I hope is a solution that works for those who were disappointed and yet keeps Slaw readable, with its larger type and comfortable white spaces. If you look to your right, you’ll see a new item near the top of the right sidebar. “Recent Columns” offers you a list of exactly that. But better than a simple link to a list page, thanks to the magic of Javascript the link on the plus sign drops down that list of the fifteen most recent columns. This makes columns easy to find, keeps them readily available for about three weeks, and doesn’t force another popular item “Most Recent Comments” so far down the page that it disappears from most people’s browser window.

Javascript is not for everyone, I realize — though you’d be safe turning it on for Slaw. So for those who don’t use it, the plus sign link leads to a page with a list of recent columns.

May I say how grateful I am for your feedback of whatever flavour. It is good of you to take the time and effort to let me know your opinion of what’s happening on Slaw. I’ll always make the effort to address your concerns if I can do so without compromising our main aim, which is to make Slaw as easy to read as it can possibly be.

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