April 2013 Issue of Connected Bulletin on Courts and Social Media

The April 2013 issue of Connected is available online.

The bulletin covers the impact of new social media such as Twitter and Facebook on court proceedings, the ethical implications of judges and court staff using new media, and court policy issues relating to these technologies. Most of the stories are about the United States.

In this issue:

  • Oregon juror jailed for texting during trial
  • AOCs [administrative offices of the courts] and high courts using social media: an update
  • Courts on Yelp
  • Michigan launches latest video in Court Stories series

The bulletin is published by the Virginia-based National Center for State Courts and the Conference of Court Public Information Officers. There is occasionally material about non-US matters.

The Canadian Centre for Court Technology last year published a very useful compilation of existing court policies on the issue from across Canada.


  1. Reviewing a court experience on Yelp? There might actually be something to that idea.

    One of the recurring themes in the sessions of last week’s CBA summit on Envisioning Equal Justice was the need to understand the challenges from the perspective of not just the players and providers, but of the people whose issues bring them in contact with the system.

    Yelp may be an imperfect and unrepresentative forum in this context, but there really is no reason to believe it is an inappropriate place for people to share details of their encounters with the justice system.

    I’ve only spent a few seconds looking and there is at least one Canadian court with “customer” feedback.