CALL Live – Stress at Work

Dr. Sonia Lupien, a neuroscientist, shared 60 minutes on understanding the beast of stress. Her premise is that if you understand someone, you can deal with it.

I understand stress from the user perspective. Like using a computer, I didn’t know what the silicon in the chips was for. Dr. Lupien gave CALL Conference attendees useful information in a humorous way.

First: Stress is not time pressure.

If stress was time pressure, it would not exist when you have to go to the dentist or if we have someone close to us dealing with an illness.

Second: Stress has nothing to with age

Children and older adults are more vulnerable to stress due to brain growth or change.

Dr. Lupien measures stress hormones in spit. She shared that it is easy to measure stress in children when you ask them to spit. It is getting them to stop that is difficult.

The brain is a threat detector in order to engage in flight or fight when necessary. The stress hormones produced by the endocrine glands create energy that help mobilize humans to help them survive. There are plenty of survival stress reactions if you work in the legal industry.

Stress is necessary for survival. The only time stress is a problem is when stress is chronic.

The recipe for stress is NUTS. Novel, Unpredictable, Threat to the ego, Sense of loss of control..

Take it easy. Have a great day. Try not to cook up too many NUTS.

Dr. Lupien is a fantastic speaker. She has written books on stress. Follow the CALL Conference on twitter at #CALLACBD2013.

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