ODR Conference in Montreal

The Online Dispute Resolution Working Group will hold its 12th annual meeting in Montreal next week on June 16-18. This conference brings together ODR scholars and practitioners from around the world. As you might imagine, among the stellar cast of speakers (Fabien Gélinas, Colin Rule, Ethan Katsh . . .) you’ll find Slaw columnists Karim Benyekhlef and Nicolas Vermeys, who have been informing our readers about ODR for some time now. And among the discussants are Slawyers John Gregory and David Bilinsky.

The full program can be downloaded here. From that document:

The Montreal ODR Forum will serve to bring together Internet industry leaders, government officials, members of the judiciary, banks and payment systems, consumer groups, the legal profession, arbitration experts, ODR proponents, and the academic and technical communities for 2 days of in-depth discussions on how to efficiently implement alternative dispute resolution systems that will harmoniously coexist with current legal processes to increase access to justice. The goal of this Forum is to set forth an institutional framework of the future of cross- border ODR systems.

Registration is available online (of course).



  1. This conference is now over. For a taste of how it went (it was great), see a Storified version here buff.ly/1c2qIv1

    Thanks again to all of the organizers for hosting a great event.