Supreme Court Will Announce Thursday if It Will Hear Rob Ford Appeal


The Supreme Court of Canada will announce Thursday at 9:45 am whether or not it will hear Magder’s appeal in the ongoing Rob Ford case.

In case you have been living under a rock (or outside of Toronto at least), Justice Hackland ordered the Mayor of Toronto out of office last September. The Mayor won his appeal before the Divisional Court in January, and was permitted to remain in office.

With an election scheduled for 2014, the Supreme Court ruling, should the Supreme Court elect to hear the appeal, will likely be largely academic.

Nevertheless, many will be watching intently (myself included) to see if the Supreme Court elects to take the case.


  1. It would be a very great suprise if the SCC decided to hear the case. There is no national importance, the appeal decision turned on a finding of fact to a large extent, and to have an appeal pending for the next year or so would mess up Toronto politics even worse than having Ford in office does (hard though that is to believe at times.)

  2. As expected, the SCC has declined leave to appeal, with costs.