Summer Projects

Summer has finally arrived. The on purpose plantings have finally overtaken the weeds and the chickens are big enough that they don’t have to be chased indoors at night. These are signs that it is past time to execute the big summer project.

The big summer project this year is adding to the firm archives. Part of the library portfolio at my firm is collecting, describing, and housing the firm archives. We had a consultant work up a plan for archival description, set up a holdings list, and start the archives collection a couple of years ago. We have a guide for what we collect, and how we keep it. That was the easy part.

Maintaining an archives, along with all of the other important (billable) work can be a challenge. It can also be something that quickly becomes a huge job, unless it is tackled frequently.

A corporate archives is a valuable tool for understanding an organization.

What is your big summer project?

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