New Typography E-Book

Matthew Butterick, whose book Typography for Lawyers we talked about back in 2008, has launched a new e-book, Butterick’s Practical Typography. Drawing heavily on his print book, this site takes you through the essentials of typography and importantly is itself a demonstration of good design and use of type in a web context.

The book is freely available, though Butterick has a number of suggestions as to how you might recompense him for his effort.

If you’re vaguely interested in how your documents appear to others — and which lawyer would not be? — but are hesitant to invest much time in learning about typography, you’ll be glad to know that the book begins with a boast and a section offering to give you the essentials in a mere ten minutes. It can’t get much easier than that.


  1. Just a quick note that Butterick’s Practical Typography site won’t work for anyone stuck using IE 8 or below.

  2. Thanks for the warning, Kristin. It’s a bit odd, because the html looks fairly straightforward. But then IE was/is quirky.

  3. Thanks for the update, Kristin. It’s odd, though, because his HTML looks fairly straightforward. Must be the Javascript. But then, IE has always been quirky.

  4. David Collier-Brown

    That’s a really beautiful book, full of good ideas.
    I’ll recommend it to my friends