Is Apple Losing Its Mojo?

Apple revealed its latest iphone yesterday. Or to be more precise, two new iphones – the 5C and the 5S.

The 5C is similar to the current 5, and will be cheaper to buy than the 5S (hence some references to the iPhone Cheap – although cheap is a relative term). The iPhone 5S is the latest and greatest. It is the first phone with a 64 bit processor, has a much better camera (Apple has suggested it is as good as a DSLR), and a capacitive fingerprint sensor to authenticate the owner.

So it is the latest and greatest, and includes some unique features. The stock market was not impressed.

Perhaps we expect too much from Apple. But lately Android phones are matching and in some cases exceeding iPhone features. And many of the new features Apple has included in its new phone operating software, iOS7, are catching up to features that Android and Microsoft phones already have.

I’m not suggesting that Apple doesn’t make cutting edge products, or that they are not going to continue to sell well, or that they are going anywhere, but they just don’t seem to be knocking us over any more with innovative products.


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