The Friday Fillip: Casey Neistat

To acknowledge the fact that it’s Toronto International Film Festival time in Toronto, I thought we’d have a look at some of the weird and wonderful film work from a NY auteur, Casey Neistat. What got my attention was his offbeat commercial for Mercedes Benz:

The catchy tune is “It’s You” by Duck Sauce. (This is now in my Road Trip playlist.)

And like the canny self-promoter that he is, Neistat has released videos on YouTube about the making of the commercial: 1, 2, 3.

To get a sense of his full range, go to his website, where you’ll find photo links to his selection of films on YouTube. I think you’ll find a fresh, indeed impertinent, take on the old cinematic art.


  1. Advertizing cars with girls in bikinis, national flags (bikinis made of national flags, too, of course) and big signs that say YES is a fresh take on the old cinematic art?

    If this is truly fresh then things are frightfully stale.

  2. It’s actually a taxonomy of items that will be proscribed in Quebec once the CSV (Charter of Secular Values for you nerdish types) is enacted. Especially the Mercedes Star (TM) which everyone knows is a religious icon.

  3. @Philip, I could be wrong — such things are unclear by design — but there may be irony in his use of these images, especially in the marketing of a German car.