Hockey Goons With a Future in Law?

Slaw readers who are also hockey fans might be aware of this new NHL penalty: 2 minutes for removing your helmet before a fight.

Well, last night we were given a little reminder to “not judge a pugilist book by its cover”; along with “the code” among hockey fighters. Not impressed with the new rule, Krys Barch of the Islanders and Brett Gallant of the Devils found themselves a loophole — they took each other’s helmets off. Here’s the video clip:

Given the number of physical gestures leading up to the fight, one would assume they hadn’t discussed the arrangement ahead of time. Though it’s entirely possible, with the well discussed camaraderie among “enforcers” around the league.

Is it possible one of these gentlemen will end up a future lawyer? I know, you’re probably thinking it’s a silly notion. So let me present to you: A. Stuart Grimson, Attorney at Kay Griffin Enkema and Colbert, PLLC, based out of Nashville. Hockey fans will better remember him as the “The Grim Reaper”, with more than 2000 career penalty minutes.

So who knows… Anything’s possible.

A “tip of the hat” to friend Tom Shumate who mentioned at an ABA event a few years ago that his colleague was an ex-NHL player. And yes, I’ve been waiting this long to mention Grimson, who might be the NHL’s shining example of a hockey fighter having a successful career after the game.


  1. “Grimson, who might be the NHL’s shining example of a hockey fighter having a successful career after the game.”


    Do the names “Eddie Shore” “Gordie Howe” ring a bell. Or, if you want to reduce the level of pure hockey skill, “John Ferguson”? Or even “Pat Quinn”.

    But, perhaps you meant a successful career outside of hockey. We could start with John Ferguson. There are others.

  2. I prefer to think of the Grim Reaper as the originator of the preferred nickname for the Anaheim hockey team: The Muscular Waterfowl.

  3. Fair point. In my defense, I was thinking of 4th line guys riding the pine for much of the game; coming in to change the tempo by fighting. Ferguson led rookie scoring, and was a Calder runner-up. Quinn & Howe would also have played NHL hockey, with or without their skills at fighting.