Of Landlords and Freemen

I am a landlord. My spouse and I try very hard to be great landlords, fair, responsive, and reasonable. We have excellent tenants. Responsible, reasonable, and fair. I honestly have no idea how I would deal with a situation such as the on recently in the media from Calgary. According to various media reports (here, here, here, and here) a landlord C is having issues with a tenant P who has claimed that the rental property he lives in is a sovereign embassy.

The matter crosses all kinds of legislative paths, the Residential Tenancies Act, the Builders Lien Act, the Land Titles Act. It also challenges the boaundaries of how police and civil matters intersect. Some would argue that there is a human rights factor at play. Despite the court treatment of the Freemen on the Land (see page 40 of Meads v. Meads), the Freemen movement continues to be a social (and from one landlord’s perspective – economic) disruptor.


  1. I can say that my response, which I don’t recommend, would be to blow the whole thing wide open because I am sick to death of these angry little spiteful trolls.

    I would advise the tenant that I did not recognize the Geneva convention, that I was declaring war and that he had 30 minutes to evacuate the facility.

  2. I completely agree with Meh. However, when advising tenant of same, I would be sure that I had my infantry division with me, or alternatively, my own firearms.

    When there is no law, there is only force. Even a Freeman of the Land can understand that.