Where Are the MOOCs for Law Librarians?

Today I read with interest Toronto law librarian Katie Thomas‘ post on the On Firmer Ground blog, “MOOCs: What’s In it for Law Librarians?“. She does a great job of outlining the availability of MOOCs (massive open online courses) for librarians.

She asks the question, though:

And what of MOOCs for law librarians? I did not find any that were purposely geared to law and librarians. There are courses on environmental law, criminal law, English common law, constitutional law and more. I think Wendy Reynolds raises a good point when she surmises in a comment on SLAW that, “I also wonder about the value of MOOCs in helping librarians gain exposure to other disciplines and emerging ideas. Are employers willing to treat these programs as “real” learning? Does it matter?”

The answer Katie comes up with is, “We should be exploring new ideas and thinking outside our box. So yes, as to MOOCs, there’s lots ‘in it’ for law librarians.”

She also mentions the symposium Pushing the Envelope in Education: Roles for Libraries — MOOCs, eLearning & Gamification taking place today and tomorrow at the University of Toronto. For those of us not there in person, we can participate in the discussion on Twitter by following the hashtag #mooclib. There is also a Facebook page and LinkedIn group for anyone who wants more information from this event.

So it still begs the question – where are the MOOCs for law librarians?

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  1. You pose an excellent question. I hope our professional schools and organizations will begin to address it soon.
    I just saw a post today by Nancy K. Herther, a librarian at the U. of Minnesota, that provides more background about MOOCs and online education and Google’s recent involvement in this. See “Google Gives MOOC Development a Major Push” at http://newsbreaks.infotoday.com/nbreader.asp?ArticleId=92297&PageNum=1

  2. I don’t know enough about them yet to help initiate anything…must do more reading and trying them. Thank you for the link!