A Little Searching Help From Slaw

Here are a couple of new features in relation to searching.

  1. I’ve taken to using DuckDuckGo as my basic search engine because, if they are to be believed, they don’t track my searches as some other search engines do and, consequently, don’t feed me back ads they imagine I’ll like. (I just wish the name were less silly.) I think you’ll find a bunch of things to like about it, among which is the potential to search within certain other sites through the use of a “bang” marker: !

    It’s not exactly same thing as using the site:xxxx.zzz search term, because it actually forces a search with the site’s own internal search tool, rather than relying on their index to have what you need.

    They’ve got “bangs” for most of the big sites: !g for Google, !amazon, !youtube etc. And now they’ve got one for Slaw

    I submitted Slaw some time back and have just been accorded a !slaw “bang”. So now if you use DDG, you can search within Slaw for “defamation”, say, using !slaw defamation.

  2. The second feature is actually an old one brought back to life. Quite some time ago I did up a few JavaScript bookmarklets to let you search CanLII a little more easily. Bookmarklets sit in your bookmarks bar but act like miniature apps, in this case to push your search terms into CanLII.

    When CanLII introduced its new search interface (and restructured its back end) it broke the old bookmarklets. I’ve refurbished three of them and I think they work. At least, they work on my Chrome and Safari. Please let me know if they do or don’t function for you. Here are three Slaw CanLII-search-bookmarklets redux, then. Simply drag them to your bookmarks bar or right click on them and save in the manner instructed by your browser. If you highlight a term on a web page, clicking the appropriate bookmarklet will use your selection as the search terms; if you click a bookmarklet not having highlighted anything, you’ll be asked to fill in your search terms.

    Of course CanLII has its own more powerful browser plugins to help you search. But there may be times when a simple bookmarklet is all you need.

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