Bryan Cave’s Program for Grooming Rainmakers

Bloomberg Law released an interesting video with Lee Pacchia interviewing Steve Sunshine, partner at Bryan Cave on the program he initiated for junior lawyers in his firm on business development. The program focusses on lawyers developing their own plans for bringing in business.

The program, in its sixth year, has been delivered to about 800 members of the firm. Its original audience was junior partners, but has since been delivered to junior and senior associates, some senior partners, directors of administration and offices, and paralegals. While not all of these will be involved in rainmaking, he says there is value in having them be familiar with the approach and language used. I was also interested in the distinction Sunshine makes between “selling” and “enrolling”, since he believes lawyers do not sell services.

How Bryan Cave Grooms Rainmakers

What other firms have developed rainmaker programs? Or are most firms still focussing on the mentor/mentee relationship to develop this knowledge?

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