practicePRO 15th Anniversary Pullout in the New LAWPRO Magazine

Over the last 15 years, praticePRO, LAWPRO’s risk and practice management program, has produced a large collection of tools and resources aimed at helping lawyers avoid malpractice claims. The September 2013 issue of LAWPRO Magazine celebrates practicePRO’s 15th birthday and contains a pull-out ( that has our best claims prevention content in in a convenient 4-page format.

Here’s what you’ll find in the pull-out (which uses ’15’ as a theme):

  • The top 15 things you can do to avoid a malpractice claim
  • 15 of our most practical and helpful checklists, precedents and resources
  • Top 15 Technology articles and resources
  • Practice advice for avoiding claims: 15 articles we wish lawyers would read

We will very shortly have hard copies of the pullout available separate from the magazine. If you’d like some for your office please email

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