New gTLD’s Are Coming

ICANN has been busy dealing with applications for new gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains). There are currently 22 TLDs (.com, .net, .org …) but the number of TLDs is about to explode with the first showing up later this year. Despite a hefty application fee of $180,000, ICANN received 1930 applications for new TLDs. Agreements signed recently include .menu, .land, ventures.

The thought of having hundreds if not thousands of TLDs is concerning to some brands, who fear that opportunists will try to scoop their brand names on some of these TLDs. 

For a complete listing of new TLDs in the works, see this list at They include .law, .lawyer, .legal, .bank, .sucks, .forsale, .movie, .photo, .blog, .guru, .mail, .sports, .realestate, .party, .tools, .diet, .health, .pizza, .science, .car, to name a very few.

It would be impractical and costly to get one’s domain name for every TLD, but it may be worthwhile looking to see which TLDs might be relevant to one’s brand. For example, automobile companies will no doubt want to get their own .car and .auto domain names. Lawyers and law firms may consider getting .law or .lawyer.

Each TLD will have a sunrise process where trade-mark holders will have 30 days to secure their domain. To do that, they must first register their trade-mark with a trade-mark clearing house designed for this purpose. That process itself takes up to 34 days.

(The stats in this post were taken from a webinar presented by


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