Remembrance Day, Veterans, Reservists and Employers

Remembrance Day is fast approaching. It’s a time to reflect on the sacrifices of our veterans, serving regular force members and reservists members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). Since the war in Afghanistan, the Canadian public’s awareness and support of the CAF has increased significantly and has been maintained despite the draw down in operations in the part of the world.

When I joined the CAF in 2003 as an Army reservist, while public support was on the increase, legal support in the form of job protection for reservists was almost non-existent. Thankfully, in the 10 years since then, the law has caught up with public opinion. Now, every single province has enacted similar legislation to protect reservists who deploy overseas or need to undergo annual training. The Canadian Forces Liaison Council has published a primer on legislative support here.

In the US, the similar job protection exists for reservists. However, some states and federal government agencies go even further by giving certain veterans priority for employment by law. Do Canadian laws meet the need? Do they go far enough or have they served their purpose?

I’d also love to hear stores from readers about veterans who have succeeded in the legal field. Please share!

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