October 2013 Issue of Connected Bulletin on Courts and Social Media

The October 2013 issue of Connected is available online. The bulletin covers news about the impact of new social media on courts.

Most issues cover news from the United States, but there is occasional coverage of other jurisdictions.

In this issue:

  • Courts and QR Codes
  • Justices from 12 midwest states consider implications of evolving technology on the courts
  • Australia’s Supreme Court of Victoria launches new social media initiative
  • Ohio explores haunted courthouses across the state

The bulletin is published by the Virginia-based National Center for State Courts (NCSC) and the Conference of Court Public Information Officers.


  1. fascinating. One of the most interesting tidbits is the plan in the court of Victoria to have retired judges blog about what goes in in the court – credible, knowledgeable and impartial reporting. The story does not say if they are to be paid for blogging.