Racial Profiling Class Action Against Toronto Police

A class action was filed by Munyonzwe Hamalengwa on Friday on behalf of the Black Action Defence Committee against the Toronto Police for the practice of racial profiling. The issue of racial profiling of African-Canadians has been closely examined by several academics and media sources, with findings that have been troubling to some.

The claim seeks $65 million in damages, as well as the following remedies:

A declaration that police have breached the Charter and an order requiring them to “desist from engaging in and condoning racial profiling” of blacks and other “colourful” minorities.

A declaration that racial profiling is a criminal offence.

A written police apology to the committee and “all African-Canadians for their being targets and victims of racial profiling and carding.”

Mandatory reading for officers, including books on racial profiling, the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s 2003 report “Paying the price: The human cost of racial profiling,” the 1995 report of the Ontario Commission on Systemic Racism in the Ontario Criminal Justice System, and several Toronto Star series on carding, including2003 report “Paying the price: The human cost of racial profiling,” published in September.

Full coverage is available at the Toronto Star.

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