Twitter Moot 2014 Scheduled for February

Auditions are currently open until December 6th for students who would like to participate in the third Twitter Moot taking place on Friday, February 28th. Unlike a traditional moot held in a courtroom type facility, a Twitter Moot takes place online via Twitter (hashtag #Twtmoot).

From the West Coast Environmental Law website:

On Friday, February 28th, 2014 at 10am PST (1pm EST), students from law schools across Canada will argue an appeal over Twitter about the duty of Canada’s governments to consult First Nations on mines development.

The appeal, to be heard before three judges of the Supreme Twitter Court of Canada, will be based on Ross River Dena v. Yukon, a precedent-setting decision of the Yukon Court of Appeal which in December 2012 held that the Yukon’s mining laws did not provide for adequate consultation with the Ross River Dena Council. Similar (although not identical) laws are in place in many of Canada’s provinces, meaning that the Twitter Moot will explore broad issues about the role of mining and Indigenous groups in Canadian law.

For more information about Twitter Moot 2014, visit the WCEL website.

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