Technology Use Policies and Resources

The December 2013 issue of LAWPRO Magazine focuses on the issue of cybersecurity and law firms. As a supplement to the magazine, practicePRO has added a number of model policies and articles to our Technology page. Written policies that clearly establish guidelines and requirements governing the acceptable use of firm technology can help reduce cyber exposures and give staff clear direction on what they are permitted and not permitted to do with law firm technology resources.

These resources and sample policies can be adapted to create polices for your firm. The model policies are also available in Word and RTF formats.

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  1. Its interesting that none of the resources and sample policies deal with the question of the use of enterprise social networking technologies within the firm.

    A critical gap given that every single major accounting and consulting firm has adopted this technology. Why? A report by the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that improved collaboration and communication using social networking technologies could “raise the productivity of interaction workers by 20 to 25%” by increasing “value-added time” in various activities.

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