Engage Your Marketing Department

Have you considered how to best use your marketing department? Do you come to them once an idea has been flushed out and expect them to deliver on the concept without the background information? Or do you employ them early in the process, let them help you define the problem and then develop a solution? If you are part of the latter group I applaud you. Unfortunately most lawyers and law firms are in the former category.

There are many reasons why your firms marketing department has a good or bad reputation. A good marketing department is engaged early and is included in developing solutions. For departments that are not used there are often reasons including historical issues, control concerns, or a lack of trust. A final reason may be that lawyers believe they can do everything.

The following tips will help you get more out of your marketing team and learn a bit about yourself in the process

  • Engage the marketing team early in the process: lawyers are trained to find solutions. Lawyers also know when they need to engage other professional. Think of your marketing team as collaborators in the process – they likely have ideas that you haven’t considered
  • Communicate: the more the marketing team knows about you and your business development objectives, the more often they’ll approach you when appropriate opportunities arise.
  • Be respectful of deadlines and commitments: you are likely not the only person that the marketing team is working on. If you have something due in three weeks, let them know rather than holding onto it until the day before. You won’t get their best work and they may have other projects that take precedence
  • Work with the members of the marketing team that you like the most: people do business with people they like, that work for your internal marketing team as well. Even if they are not the person that completes the task they will be able to push your project along
  • Let them be the intermediary: you likely have better things to do than call a vendor to find new giveaways or get deadlines extended with publishers. You worry about solving client problems and let the marketing department solve the other problems.
  • Use their expertise and experience: there is a reason you hired them after all

If you put a little time and effort into your marketing goals you will get a lot more out of it. Wouldn’t it be great to have more time working on files and less time worrying about marketing? Your marketing team is there to help, they want to help, so engage them!


  1. I’m not in marketing (in communications — which I’ll argue is slightly different), but a lot of what’s written here is solid advice. And I definitely appreciate the last point about using the expertise and experience of the team.

    Thanks for writing this — will definitely be sharing this!