Benefits of Law Blogging

It is the time of year when blogging is celebrated. The Clawbies, the Blawggies and ABA Blawg 100 winners have been announced and the ABA Blawg 100 Hall of Fame was added to. January is also a time when infrequent posters get their game on and make “this year I will post more often” promises.

Great stories have been shared on the benefits of blogging from a variety of people.

There are many benefits that have come my way from blogging. I have met some great friends, gained some street cred by being recognized by clients waiting in our lobby, been invited to write in print publications, and been able to share and reuse tips and processes that I blogged about. I will be attending LegalTech next month, once again taking advantage of the complimentary registration available to bloggers.

Want to get your own blog groove on? Kevin O’Keefe of Real Lawyers Have Blogs fame recently shared Five keys to law blog success in 2014.


  1. All good points and totally agree, Shaunna. But don’t forget about the benefits to the reader.

    Last month, U of Ottawa Law 3L Karolina Fit had a guest Slaw post entitled The Future of Legal Writing: Online and Short Form in which she touched on the various ways professional and public readers of these insights benefit from law blogging.

    FYI – the “forthcoming” paper she mentioned in her post is now available at SSRN.

    [Full disclosure of my bias: As Karolina noted in her blog post, her paper was prepared while a tech law student intern at CanLII under a for-academic credit program overseen by the University]