Deloitte 2014 TMT Predictions

Deloitte publishes TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunication) trend predictions each year. Deloitte’s Duncan Stewart does a series of public presentations on the predictions, which is worth seeing if you have the opportunity. The entire list is interesting, but here are some that might be relevant to lawyers.

Consumers will spend more than $3 billion on wearable computing, including smart glasses, watches, wristbands, and clothing. Wearables will become more popular as the tech improves, designs improve, and prices come down.

MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) will be up 100% over 2012. The growth may not be as big as some media hype, but in the long term will grow enormously. Will legal education be provided this way, or is the market too small and the players too conservative?

Phablets (smartphones with screens of 5″ or more) are here to stay. These hybrids between smartphones and tablets will be 25% of the global market, though only 15-20% in Canada.


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