Global Digital Statistics

David Canton’s post this morning talks about technology and some things that might be coming our way in the near future, so I thought it might be interesting to pull back a bit further and take a look at some global data on the digital world as gathered by GlobalWebIndex and presented by the big marketing agency, We Are Social. Here’s that data in the form of 183 slides (but the highlights are available here):

[slideshare id=29791716&doc=wearesocialsguidetosocialdigitalandmobileworldwidejan2014v01-140107235800-phpapp01]

Many, perhaps most, lawyers are “local,” because that’s the way jurisdiction works, and for them these global stats may be of incidental interest. (There are statistics for Canada, however, starting on slide 58.) But for a significant group of practitioners, the world is, if not their catchment area, then certainly territory that can provide clients or challenges for clients, and it’s important from time to time to refresh an understanding of the reach of social technology. How many of us, for example, are aware of the huge market penetration of QQ, Qzone or WhatsAPP?

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