Traditional vs. Online Marketing

The traditional marketing mix – product (service), price, place, and promotion – is evolving as the mix is grows in complexity. Marketing is no longer static as online marketing continues to challenge traditional marketing. Conversations are happening through various channels and for this reason marketing needs to be more fluid than ever.

Some key trends influencing the legal marketing mix:

  • Word of mouth: There was a time when networking at the country club or local chamber of commerce event could connect you with prospects and those prospects could quickly investigate your reputation This still works but also consider that social media is the new word of mouth as you are being checked out online
  • Technology has changed how clients find/use services: Geography matters less today as people have access to the best law firm no matter where they are located.
  • Be relevant online: People are going online to educate themselves on the latest trends and thinking. Firms and lawyers that join the conversation are building their reputations and dramatically expanding their audiences.
  • The mix: Reputation and credibility are critical in attracting, engaging and nurturing prospects. The days of mass marketing with broad messages are (or should be) over and are being replaced by specific targeted messages delivered to defined audiences. Give people what they want, when they want it — do not clutter up their expectations of you and your firm by giving them irrelevant information.

Targeted email campaigns are the preferred choice in legal services to deliver content. Using content consolidators is another way to broaden your audience. Content is what attracts people and search engines to your website. Your content can enhance your reputation and social media can expand the reach of your reputation.

Marketing is and always will be more art than science. Done well, both traditional and online marketing can enhance your brand and increase visibility to the market. One thing that has not changed is to get the most out of your marketing programs, you need to use analytics and frequent reporting to understand what is and isn’t working.

Marketing matters.

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