Working in Law Libraries – a Primer

It always makes me happy when I see law library folk reaching out to other communities to explain the work we do. Law library technicians and librarians work in a wide range of settings and take on a lot of different responsibilities depending on the setting and their roles. The library community in Ontario know that January is “SuperConference” month since the Ontario Library Association puts on its annual conference in Toronto at the end of January. Brenda Wong and Karen Sawatzy of Library Technician Dialog blog fame (among other great accomplishments!) made the trek from Saskatchewan and Manitoba to present at this year’s conference.

While unfortunately I missed it, I heard it was a good session. They have been kind enough to share their slides on Slideshare and their notes in PDF from the OLA website:

The intended audience was obviously not a law library crowd. I do like how they clearly outline some of the major areas of work by law library staff.


  1. Thanks so much Connie! Brenda and I really enjoyed doing this.