New Columnists on Slaw

It is with great pleasure that I announce that five new columnists are joining Slaw.

Lynn Foley

Lynn is the Co-Founder of fSquared Marketing, a consulting and outsourcing firm. A Board member of the Legal Marketing Association, Vancouver, Lynn holds a dual MBA in Finance and Media & Communications Management.

Lynn will, of course, be joining the Legal Marketing group of columnists.

You may follow Lynn on Twitter @LynnFitzFoley.


Elmer Masters

Elmer is the Director of Internet Development at the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instructiona (CALI) where he works on interesting projects involving technology and legal education. He has over 20 years experience in building Internet tools for accessing law and legal materials on the Internet. He is also the admin of the Teknoids mailing list ( and has been blogging about law and technology for over 13 years at Symphora.

Elmer will be joining the Legal Technology group of columnists.

You may follow him on Twitter @emasters.


I’ve instituted a new group to write on the topic of Legal Education, a subject that has taken on importance, not to say urgency, recently. At the moment there are three columnists in the group but there are plans in the works to have more members join soon. Let me introduce the three new columnists in the new Legal Education group:


Kim Brooks

As many of you will know, Kim Brooks is the Dean at the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University. She teaches all areas of tax law including individual taxation, corporate tax, and international tax, and has a special interest in legal education.


Doug Ferguson

Doug has been an Adjunct Professor and Director of Community Legal Services at Western University’s law school since 2003. Prior to that he spent 20 years in private practice as a partner with the London firm of Bitz, Szemenyei, Ferguson & MacKenzie (now Szemenyei MacKenzie). He also served as inaugural president of the Association for Canadian Clinical Legal Education, which he helped to found.


Sarah Glassmeyer

Sarah is a former academic law librarian and legal research professor. She now works as the Director of Community Development for the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI), a non-profit consortium of law schools. You can follow this self-described “LibPunk, LawType, Information liberator, Coffee achiever, Raconteur and bon vivant” on her blog SarahGlassmeyer(dot)com.


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