Writing With Hemingway

Like many in the legal profession, I spend a significant proportion of my days working at the craft of writing.

Sometimes, I write on risk management topics for Canadian Lawyers Insurance Association. Weekly, I sit down to write a post for publication here on Slaw. From time to time, I also write reports, meeting minutes and more.

Because I work mostly alone, I often have found myself lamenting the absence of another set of eyes to review what I have written. No matter how many times I review my drafts, it seems I always miss something that any good editor would have caught.

So it was with great delight that I recently discovered the Hemingway app. Here’s how it works. You enter your text on the webpage (created there or pasted from another source). You hit the edit button on the right side of the screen and, voila! You see an editor’s comments on your document.

Here’s a visual for you based on my post here of a few weeks ago, well before the discovery of this terrific tool. (Click on the image to see it full-sized.)

 Hemingway App

These few paragraphs effectively illustrate the advantages of running your drafts through Hemingway. Your writing will be more easily understood by your audience if you rework those hard to understand sentences. You can tailor your writing to your reader’s abilities if you have a sense of the readability level. Using this app will help to ensure your written communications are effective.

I know I will use this app often.

(P.S. Hemingway assessed this post at a Grade 8 reading level and suggests I use 1 fewer adverb.)


  1. Thanks for this app Karen. As I am not a lawyer, I tend to write simple sentences or rely on habits in my written voice. Wonder if there is a happy medium?

  2. This app is now available for desktop use on both Mac and Windows platforms and for a limited time, at just $4.99: http://www.hemingwayapp.com/Desktop.html