Open Refine and the ALCTS eForum on Library Linked Data

The Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) held an eForum on Library Linked Data earlier this month. An eForum is a great way to participate in a topical discussion because, unlike a webinar or live chat session, it allows you to drop in and out of the discussion as you have the time.

Theodore Gerontakos, Metadata Librarian, University of Washington and Co-Chair of the ALA Linked Library Data Interest Group, provided a couple of very useful summaries of the two days:

One thing that came up that I thought I’d pass along was the use of Open Refine (formerly Google Refine). If you’re not familiar with Open Refine it’s a an open source tool that helps you clean, change and ultimately link your “messy data.”

Jeremy Myntti, Head of Cataloging & Metadata Services at University of Utah, suggested using this software during the discussion. To use it you’ll need to install the RDF extension for Google Refine in your browser which allows you to open and use the software. Jeremy pointed to a great video introduction by Anna Dabrowska which provides a good, although somewhat quick, step-by-step look at how this tool can be used.

Looking forward to exploring this tool in a future linked data project I’m working on.

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