Clio Secures $20M Funding Round

A note of congratulations to fellow Slaw contributor Jack Newton, whose company Clio has successfully secured a C Series funding round; led by Bessemer Venture Partners and valued at $20M.

Launched here on the West Coast of Canada in the Fall of 2008, Jack and his co-founder Rian Gauvreau are now working through their sixth year of Clio operations. According to Clio’s blog, the newest round of funds will be used to accelerate product development and to expand the size of their internal team. (Recruiting efforts already look to be underway.)

I write this offering my full disclosure: Clio has been a Stem client since those early days. I’m also thankful for having a bird’s-eye view of their continued growth. Clio now has the opportunity to become a big, strong Canadian-based company. One that serves lawyers on a global basis, but still has its roots set locally.

Cheers to Jack, Rian and everyone at Clio on their latest success!


  1. Well done, Jack and Rian! Congratulations.

    Thanks Steve.