Focus, Flush-Out, and Follow Through

Some lawyers think that the work marketers do is easy or adds little value – it is obvious to them, that marketers spend all day surfing the internet and making things look nice. While not exactly true, legal marketers do need to spend time on-line (researching clients and prospects, finding speaking events for lawyers, sponsorship and branding opportunities, etc.) and playing with crayons (creation of advertising, event invitations, newsletters, promotional material, presentation and proposal responses, etc.), there is actually a lot more they can do for you.

One of the marketing teams’ greatest strengths is helping lawyers focus, flush out and follow through with marketing initiatives. Throughout the year, opportunities come up or ideas get hatched that were not part of the annual planning process. More often than not, if the idea is a good one, the firm will find a way to incorporate the new ideas into the current plan. The marketing team knows the firms plan, practice plans, and individual plans so they are often the best source of information on how to incorporate new programs.

Sometimes, lawyers move forward with programs without including the marketing department and become disappointed with the programs progress, outcome or the opportunity is missed altogether due to lack of follow through. Lawyers like to share marketing ideas with other lawyer’s which is a great way to maintain accountability. However, the usual answer as to why the program wasn’t finished or stalled is that they were too busy with client work.

Have the marketing team scope out a project plan to ensure the project stays on track. Work with them to create the program strategy, consider different medium and develop targeted messaging. You can also use the marketing department for content – if they can understand what you are saying then most likely your audience will too. Let the marketing department do what they know best which is getting your message heard to a strategically targeted audience.

By working with your marketing team lawyers are more likely to be successful rewarded with their marketing efforts.

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