Losing My Religion? Everybody Hurts? Shiny Happy People? It’s the End of the World as We Know It?

I just couldn’t make a call on which REM song title is best for a post about law school exams…… Let’s knock out “It’s the End of the World as we Know it”, because it isn’t. The ironic part of me likes “Shiny Happy People” but I have to acknowledge “Everybody Hurts” and “Losing my Religion” are pretty good too. Why the song catalogue for a band from Georgia? You know this, the tip I want to give this week on the verge of exam period is to wear sunscreen …. wait that’s not it….get enough REM sleep whilst preparing and most especially the night before the big exam. I know all nighters are a time honoured tradition, did a few of them myself back in the day, but by and large, they are counter productive. But, don’t take my testimony, here are few items from those more knowledgeable than I on sleep backing my point up:

  • Synopsis: the, as yet unknown, rockers SWS (Slow Wave Sleep), which occur in the deepest part of REM sleep, is where the chemical cocktail in your brain really goes to work consolidating and filing those memories you worked so hard to shove in there in the first place. Think of it this way, you worked really hard to get all those horses in the barn, however, the lack of SWS sleep means that you put them in one end of the barn and they just trotted out the open door on the other end.

  • Synopsis: Several tips re: sleep, including SHOCK stop using technology 30 mins before going to bed, the light blocks the melatonin that helps you sleep. And, don’t binge sleep.

  • Synopsis: Answer, a lot. Get at least 7 hours.the extra or lack of 1 hour of sleep affects over 500 genes that do all sorts of things.

  • Some of these are kinda cool, such as: Teach what you have learned and Use Scents or Gum to Jog Your Memory

    Good Luck!


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