Annual CALL Conference a Must

There are plenty of fabulous continuing professional development offerings available for law librarians. MOOCs and webinars, local meetings and seminars, national and international conferences. For me, the Canadian Association of Law Libraries annual conference is a must attend event. Every time I select an ‘instead’ option (as opposed to and ‘in addition’ option) for my annual major professional development, I have regrets for several reasons:

  1. I miss hearing about the enhancements that Canadian legal publishers are undertaking
  2. I miss keeping up with the adjustments to my professional network – who is where
  3. I miss the extraordinary information sharing that inspires innovation that I bring back to my organization

I also miss the in person visit with excellent friends that I have made through CALL/ACBD – which is not listed above as it is a personal regret rather than a business regret.

When I think of the major projects and enhancements that my team and I have brought to our organization and trace them back to the source spark it mainly starts with CALL. Our resulting work may be unrecognizable from the original, but the inspiration source is static.

I hope that I will see you in Winnipeg, and that you remember to commit to attending before the early bird rate deadline on April 11.

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  1. Thanks, Shaunna. I’m delighted to see you included a link to my “6 Reasons” blog post from 2011. I encourage anyone reading it to also read the additional discussion in the comments.

  2. Given my theory that successful librarianship is more about the phone than it is about books, I would argue that the time spent reinforcing those networks of friends and colleagues is a compelling business reason to attend.

  3. Kristin Hodgins

    I’ve enjoyed attending CALL conferences the past two years but I can’t pass up the opportunity to attend SLA when it’s in my own backyard, and for me it is an either/or. Many BC law librarians can’t regularly attend CALL because of distance and cost (although Winnipeg is a bit more reasonable on both counts), but I imagine we’ll be out in full force at SLA in Vancouver. I’d be very surprised to see many of us from Western Canada make the trek to Moncton next year, so we have to network when and where we can. I wouldn’t attend SLA over CALL every year (or even most years), but it also doesn’t hurt to look beyond our own borders every so often and see what people in other industries and countries are doing, especially when you’re faced with an either/or choice.