Summer Student Countdown

The annual countdown is on at law firm and other legal libraries where staff are preparing for summer law students to arrive. In many organizations the first week of May brings a bevy of enthusiastic faces who will need legal research training and an orientation to ‘research in the real world’. This year there is something new happening in Alberta to help with that real world transition.

The University of Calgary Law Library is the host of the Cenovus Continuing Legal Education: Research in the Real World. This summer law student specific, one-day legal research program is intended to assist students working in firms.

The program is open for registration to students from any law school who are summering in the Calgary area. There is a strict cap of 100 students. Check out the program for this May 13, 2014 event.

My congratulations to Kim Clarke and the Faculty and Staff at the U of C Law School for crafting this program. Law librarian support for student legal research in Alberta takes another leap forward.


  1. A new program? Congratulations to the folks at University of Calgary Law School for putting this together–I wish you success!