Proceeds From Molson Grow-Op Sale to Be Released to Property’s Owner

Justice Vallee has authorized the return of the sale proceeds of the former Molson Brewery Grow-Op, which total just north of $4 million, to the property’s owner.

The Attorney General of Ontario had been attempting to have the sale proceeds preserved pending a future forfeiture hearing on a number of grounds, including that the property was the proceeds of an unlawful activity and was used as an instrument of unlawful activity.

The court agreed that the property was used as an instrument of unlawful activity. However, given that the owner of the property had no involvement, or knowledge, of the unlawful activity, the court ruled that it would not be in the interest of justice to continue to withhold the sale proceeds from the owner.


  1. The fact that the AG even tried to contest the return of these funds just shows what a disturbing cash grab this civil forfeiture stuff is.