Happy Canada Day

Canada Day is one of my favourite holidays. Every three years, this not being one, my husbands extended family on his mother’s side takes advantage of the Canada Day long weekend to have a Rebellion – other families call this a reunion from what I understand. I suppose it is a bit odd to host a family rebellion on a day celebrating the coming together of our nation, but that is how we roll.

This year, the buzz about Canada Day seems to be focused on the fact that it was not a long weekend. Canada Day is a celebration of the date of confederation. I think it should stay that way and not be moved to create a long weekend every year. Then again, I look at the statutory holiday list that our awesome human resources department posts on our Intranet to see what days our firm is closed and I plan my vacation days accordingly. Thankfully I work in a large enough team that most vacation day wishes can be accommodated.

What do you think about changing legislation – Canada Day is created under the Holidays Act – to force a long weekend in July?

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