More Summer School: Managing Legal Resources in the Semantic Web

Today I’m daydreaming of Italy …

The district of Ravenna lies in the north east of Italy, some 80 km (50 miles) from Bologna, the regional capital of Emilia Romagna. Ravenna is the second largest commune as per land area in Italy.”

If you need a good excuse to travel to Italy this may be the perfect opportunity.

The Summer School LEX programme is taking place in Ravena the first week of September. This is “an intensive 6-day, 8-hour-a-day program, that requires participants’ total dedication and intellectual commitment.”

  • September 1-2: Basic Module (an introduction to XML web technologies and technologies for drafting and managing standard-compliant legislative and legal documents;
  • September 3-5: Advanced Module (in-depth analysis of the higher levels of Semantic Web technologies and of their application to the legal domain: modelling of modifications, procedures and legal knowledge;)
  • September 6: Legal Open Data and Document Workshop;
  • September 8-9: Akoma Ntoso Development Workshop.

This looks like such a fantastic learning opportunity. Registration information is available here and there are a couple of scholarships available for students.

But alas … as much as I might like to go, I will not be attending. I will have to settle for the book from 2011, Legislative XML for the Semantic Web: Principles, Models, Standards for Document Management, edited and developed by four of the participating teachers at LEX: Giovanni Sartor and Monica Palmirani, both from the Faculty of Law at the University of Bologna; and Maria Angela Biasiotti and Enrico Fancesconi from the Institute for Legal Information Theory and Techniques in Florence.

The collection of papers includes:

  • Introduction: ICT and legislation in the knowledge society / Giovanni Sartor
  • Legislative information and the web / Giovanni Sartor
  • ICT-based management of legislative documents / Giovanni Sartor
  • A standard-based approach for the management of legislative / Fabio Vitali
  • Naming Legislative Resources / Enrico Francesconi
  • Akoma Ntoso for Legal Documents / Monica Palmirani and Fabio Vitali
  • Legislative Change Management with Akoma-Ntoso / Monica Palmirani
  • A MetaLex and Metadata Primer: Concepts, Use, and Implementation / Alexander Boer and Tom van Engers
  • Semantic Resources for Managing Legislative Information / Maria Angela Biasiotti
  • A Review of Systems and Projects: Management of Legislative Resources / Enrico Francesconi.

Check Worldcat for a library copy near you or head over to Springer and order your own copy.

Back to daydreaming about Italy …

Map showing Revenna, Italy

Map showing Revenna, Italy

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