A Tool for Finding Trite Law

Every once in a while a lawyer will ask a law librarian to find the source that establishes that a point of law is well established. Personally, I hate getting these questions. It is frequently time consuming and difficult to find a reputable, cite-able source for something everybody knows.

Sometimes the best method to answer these question is searching cases for the phrase “trite law” in proximity with keywords for an issue. There is a new website in development that does just that. Check out WellSettled.com. Thanks to Bob Ambrogi at his LawSites blog for sharing this service.

I did a quick search to see what principles WellSettled.com comes up with for the word ‘mistake’. The results and they way you can parse them with case summaries, by settled principles or by quotes are intriguing.


The service is limited to US decisions and hopefully this post will inspire someone who uses the CanLII API.

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