Tips Tuesday

Here are excerpts from the most recent tips on SlawTips, the site that each week offers up useful advice, short and to the point, on technology, research and practice.


Use Proper Dimensions to Make Photos Posted on Social Media Profile Pages Look Better
Dan Pinnington

Photos are a major part of the profile pages on all the major social media sites. There are profile photos (usually your picture) and header or cover photos (the big photo that usually appears across the top of your profile or homepage). As these photos play a big part in making a good impression with people, you want them to look good. But making this happen can be frustrating. Sometimes the photo you post will be scaled to fit in the allotted box with the result that the contents look blurry or distorted, and sometimes parts of a picture are cut off. On other occasions important parts of your cover photo are hidden behind your profile picture….


Reflect Before You Act
Shaunna Mireau

Movie enthusiasts may recognize that the title of Today’s Tip is a quote from my personal Disney favourite: Mulan. I much prefer this modern interpretation of the Admonitions Scroll. Reflect before you act is excellent advice for many things, including legal research. Cathie Best at her Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research agrees that “Plan and organize your research” is the first step in the legal research process. How can your reflect before you act on your legal research question? …


Add a Bit of Complexity to Your Life*
David Bilinsky

This column was written shortly after attending a wine tasting session. One of the themes of that session was how adding different types of grapes to a wine increases the complexities and the structure of a wine and, done right, this blending makes the wine more enjoyable and interesting. During that session (I have to admit that part of my mind was still thinking that this column was due) it occurred to me that the same approach could be applied to life. If we take a moment and try different things, our life becomes more complex, enjoyable and interesting (and summer is a great time to try this)….


Some of our Slaw Tips columnists are away for summer vacation. Tips marked with an asterisk (*) have been selected as “Editors Picks” in their absence.

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