Canadian Law Video Site Launched

Congratulations to the folks at Inc., Natalie Waddell and Mark C. Robins, for launching their new Canadian law video distribution site

The website is aimed at the public, giving easy video access on a wide range of law-related topics. The site is made up of video content from lawyers listed on, with videos originally housed on YouTube or Vimeo, pulling everything together by topic as well as by participant profiles (lawyers and law firms). I found the site very easy to navigate with major law topics across the top. There is also a category for Business of Law for practice-related videos.

Currently video content from 22 contributors is available, with at least a dozen more waiting to be added. If you have content for posting–even if not on YouTube or Vimeo–it is worth contacting them since they may have other options available. At this time content can be added at no cost to members of In the future, they hope to add an option for non-members as well. itself will be undergoing some changes, allowing for the addition of the video content from to profiles. screen shot


This is a great idea, gathering together video content from the range of individual video channels out there. It will make the information easier for the public to find, and builds a new way for lawyers to build their reputations as well as drive traffic to their websites. It will be interesting to see how video production in the legal industry develops, whether we will start to get away from the “talking head” style video.

Mitch Kowalski also wrote about the new service for the National Post: The YouTube of all things legal, makes Canadian law accessible and easy to understand (National Post, August 29, 2014).

If you are interested in posting content to, or have questions about the service, contact them at




  1. Thank you very much for the awesome tribute to! It’s almost been a year now since the website was launched and we have 350+ legal educational videos available, and counting, for the public to enjoy!