Virtual Museum of Canada

A recent Canada Gazette Part II shared a Statutory Instrument proclaiming the sections 200-204 of Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2014 in force as of September 30, 2014, among other things. These particular sections of the act move responsibility for the Virtual Museum of Canada to the Canadian Museum of History.

The news release informs subscribers of that Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) will cease publishing the Newsletter. Subscriptions will will not be transferred over to the museum. Folks who want info on the latest trends in museums and technology are encouraged to subscribe to the CHIN Newsletter (recent sample).

What is my point in sharing this with Slawyers? I have two:

1. Digital information is ephemeral and can move or disappear. Think back to all of the posts on link rot in judicial decisions and legal journals.

2. By sharing this, I hope that our Virtual Museum is not ephemeral.

Interested in the type of legal information in the Virtual Museum of Canada? Do a search for law or legal and see some very interesting links to virtual exhibits, including Delgamuukw – a community struggle for aboriginal title.

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