Digging Into Linked Parliamentary Data Project

I was just reminding myself of this project and thought others might be interested. Digging into Linked Parliamentary Data was one of fourteen projects funded by the 2013 Digging into Data Challenge. This is a collaborative project including the University of Amsterdam, the History of Parliament Trust, the Institute of Historical Research, University of London, King’s College London, and the University of Toronto.

This description is from their February announcement:

Focusing on the UK, Canada and The Netherlands, this project will deliver a common format for encoding parliamentary proceedings (with an initial focus on 1800–yesterday); a joint dataset covering all three jurisdictions; a workbench with a range of tools for the comparative, longitudinal study of parliamentary data; and substantive case studies focusing on migration, left/right ideological polarization and parliamentary language. We hope that comparative analysis of this kind, and the tools to support it, will inform a new approach to the history of parliamentary communication and discourse, and address new research questions.”

Last month one of the Amsterdam-based team members Maarten Marx delivered a presentation on the project at the Talk of Europe Creative Camp in Hilversum, the Netherlands. He describes the project’s aim as enabling “diachronic comparative research. … [comparing] the three different countries and [comparing] parties or government vs opposition … [using] both qualitative and quantitative methods.”

It’s been funded for two years and something to keep an eye on.

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