TR ProView Ebook Platform

This December, Carswell migrated their eReference Library collection to the Thomson Reuters ProView platform. I was able to see this process purely from the content user perspective as the library team did all of the preparation, communication, and implementation for our side as the client partner in the vendor client relationship. Today, I had an opportunity to use one of the texts that my firm has access to through this new interface.

I like the clean and intuitive experience of using ProView content via a browser.
Proview Content

There are a couple of features that are interesting:

  • the expanding chapter outline that nests on top of the preceding chapter levels [navigation noted in the image]
  • the help menus that offer interactive dialogue boxes
  • the ability to easily create a PDF of selected content
  • the Cntrl+C, Cntrl+V copy and paste functions

I have only used one title from the material that is available to me, but so far, I like to new platform.

Carswell has tried hard to provide customers with adequate information throughout the migration process. They are surfacing publishers notes for each of the ProView available titles. Even those who subscribe to the print equivalent for these loose-leaf services can view the publishers notes content.

The first monthly email will be sent out the first week of December and will be distributed to all subscribers of any title(s) on the Carswell eReference Library. Publisher’s Notes will be found on the following webpage: Publisher’s Notes will be available in PDF format and can be easily printed, filed, copied and emailed.

At first use, I like this new content wrapper. How about you?


  1. Second use – not as much liking as yesterday.
    I am sorry to report that there is an issue with footnotes and extracting data from ProView titles.
    When you create a PDF of a slice of content in ProView, you don’t get any of the material that is in the footnote and the links to footnote content do not carry through to the pdf. They appear to be links, but simply retun a javascript error.
    Hopefully this will be sorted out soon.