Monday’s Mix

Each Monday we present brief excerpts of recent posts from five of Canada’s award­-winning legal blogs chosen at random* from sixty recent Clawbie winners. In this way we hope to promote their work, with their permission, to as wide an audience as possible.

This week the randomly selected blogs are 1. Environmental Law and Litigation  2. Clio Blog 3. Law of Work  4. Slater Vecchio Connected  5. FamilyLLB

Environmental Law and Litigation
Another court refuses to impose minimum environmental fines

Another Ontario court has waived the unreasonably high minimum environmental fines for relatively minor offences that the Environmental Protection Act sometimes now imposes. In R. v. Union Gas Ltd., 2014 CarswellOnt 18380, a backhoe excavating a water and sewer line at a private residence inadvertently dropped a rock, which struck an exposed gas line and caused a leak. The general contractor quickly contacted Union Gas, which shut off the gas and contacted police and fire departments. …

Clio Blog
6 Reasons to Take Your Law Firm Paperless

We’re often told that going paperless is a necessity for most modern law firms without a real examination of why, beyond “it’s good for the environment.” But really, what have the trees done for you lately? What about the business benefits that stem from going paperless?…

Law of Work
Sample Chapter from My New Book, The Law of Work

My new book The Law of Work should be out later this summer, in time for the fall. The book will interact with this blog and be available in hard copy or eBook version with live links to case law, commentary, and blog entries. Here is the new webpage for the book on the Emond Montgomery site. It’s a different sort of legal textbook. …

Slater Vecchio Connected
North Shore Cyclists Rejoice over $7M Stanley Park Causeway Upgrade!

According to Vancouver 24 hrs, the Stanley Park Causeway will be moving ahead with a $7M upgrade to improve cyclist and pedestrian safety as part of the BC on the Move, 10-year transportation plan. Our previous article, Stanley Park Causeway Proposal Revealed, hinted at the proposed changes back in December of 2014….

Should Court Stop Dad From Posting Pictures of Child on Facebook?

In a recent Ontario decision called Rego v. Santos, the court had to grapple with a very modern-day issue: whether to prohibit a father from posting pictures of his child on the internet, in what was essentially a social media “publication ban”. The parents of the now-four-year old child had never married; they met at work and by all accounts had an intermittent relationship. …


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